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Moringa Leaves (Leaf) Powder | Immunity Boosting Superfood

Moringa Leaves (Leaf) Powder | Immunity Boosting Superfood

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We make our Moringa Powder from organically grown Moringa Leaves. These leaves are dried in shade and then grinded into fine powder by hands.

Moringa is naturally slightly bitter in taste. It smells like henna (Mehndi)

Major health benefits of Moringa include weight management properties, immune-boosting powers, providing nourishment to brain, hair & body, decreasing anxiety, reduces period cramps, depression and sleep related disorders. Be it stews, soups, or shakes. No matter how you enjoy it, make Moringa a part of your daily health regime now!

This product contains 2 packs of 100 gm Moringa Powder which are made from organically grown Moringa Leaves.

Most popular way to consume Moringa Powder is to have it with honey & water. Take one tea spoon of Moringa Powder in the whole day. Mix it with water, or dals or sabji or add to your curd and have it with lunch & dinner to enhance metabolism. Works best and can deliver great results with proper exercise and diet.

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