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Dhaga Mishri | Thread Mishri | Unrefined Sugar Crystal | Rock Sugar Crystal |Khadi Mishri

Dhaga Mishri | Thread Mishri | Unrefined Sugar Crystal | Rock Sugar Crystal |Khadi Mishri

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Desi Dhaga Mishri - Desi Dhaga Mishri is a unique product known for its distinct appearance, mild sweetness, and potential health benefits. It plays a role in both culinary traditions and traditional medicine practices, reflecting its cultural and historical significance in India and surrounding regions. In Ayurveda, Desi Mishri is believed to have cooling properties and is sometimes used to alleviate sore throats, coughs, and digestive discomfort. Matratva Dhaga Mishri is characterized by its crystalline structure, which can resemble small, rocky pieces or irregular chunks. It is usually clear or slightly off-white in color.

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  • Is it safe to eat crystalized honey?

    Honey has long Shelf life but it should not be stored in refrigerator.

    It granulates in lower temperatures, it is a natural process and does not change the taste and quality.

    To liquidify honey place the jar in warm water.

  • Sustainable Packaging

    The first step to saving the planet is to start recycling and using sustainable material

    We use foid grade glass jar to keep the real taste intact.

    It limits the use of resources significantly. It positively impacts and supports our business goals.

  • No Bees, No Life

    Bees directly or indirectly impacts everything around us, it will adversely affect the global economy if there are no bees.

    We would definitely loose many of the foods that make our diets vibrant, healthy and nutritious.

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