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Matratva is a woman oriented Agri start-up, was founded by Ankita Kumawat and Lokesh Chand Gupta, husband and wife from Ajmer, Rajasthan. The organisation is working towards reviving traditional food & recipes, promoting organic farming & desi cows, and is trying to develop an ecosystem which is self-sustainable from animal point of view, socially, and economically. We are providing fresh, healthy, natural and organic food products to our world-wide customers. We are first generation entrepreneurs and are working with rural women and local folks to prepare organic certified products.

About Founder

Ankita Kumawat is an IIM Calcutta alumini, who worked in various multi national organisation before coming back to India and starting her organic farm. Her journey from a well paid cooperate to a full-time farmer has been covered by various national media houses like TOI, India Today, Your story, Better India and many more. She is working with rural women to revive the traditional food and recipes and is taking this food to the tables of their global customers.

Lokesh Chand Gupta is also an MBA, who followed his passion for farming and joined Ankita, his wife to establish their dairy and organic farm. Lokesh is a strong pillar of the organisation who is working with farmers and is motivating and teaching them organic farming. His love for food has also helped the organisation to develop various receipes.

Our Strengths

Farmer owned brand

Catering both B2C and B2B customers.

Manufactures of Organic certified namkeens (only brand of India)

  • Ankita Kumawat


  • Lokesh Gupta


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Now an Organic Certified Farmer Brand !

Matratva feels proud in unveiling the news of receiving the first in Ajmer, “Organic Certified” validation in farming industry. First amongst the various dairy farming and organic food items generation industryplayers in Ajmer, we are blessed with a new accomplishment with the blessings of our customers and value partners. Offering an entire niche of organically prepared, A2 milk and milk products along with several other corresponding unending list of health building products, our hard work has reaped our success fruit. 

We are now “Organic Certified” and nothing better than this could have been an amazing beginning of the new financial year. However, this could never have been possible without the contributions of the Matratva family and its supporters. We wish to thank all our business partners, vendors , team members, government officials and above all our most valued customers for trusting us and our products from various categories. Our achievement is entirely due to their contributions, trust and encouragement devoted in our naïve concept of “Making India Healthier”. Without which, this could never be possible. 

This isn’t just a proud moment for us at Matratva but, for every single farmer willing to put their step ahead in organic and dairy farming industry. We wish to help them grow with us as our motto is- “To grow together.”

We are all geared up to take Matratva to new heights of success, as we are officially an organic certified farmer brand, now.

Please bless us and help us make India, a healthierversion of what exists today