Something exciting happened when the delegates from Europe to Matratva Farms

Something exciting happened when the delegates from Europe to Matratva Farms

Greetings to all our valued readers!

Through this blog we express our eagerness to share a few exciting moments of exchange when the European Union delegates visited our organic farm.

14 European delegates from different countries had been a witness to the amazing eco ambience and were blown away by what they saw!

They got to see our wild forest honey, visited the organic farm plots, diaries, and learnt about the rural women who make ghee with traditional recipes. We take no less pride in flaunting how much they were amazed by the quality and how they were taken back by nostalgic childhood days spent in their own country side farm houses!

" Oh My God Jesus Christ… these Cows are so healthy and look beautiful! And the Ghee tastes so different from the ones we have tasted before in India! "  One of them said with sparkling delight that swelled our hearts!

They Saw, They Came, They Were Captivated: by our amazing diary, namkeens and value added products obviously!

They were so charmed that they couldn't help keeping us posted about every bit of farming and food fests that keep happening in their home land hoping to create a 'Matravta-inspired' eco-friendly awareness organization soon— and tell you what? We equally can't wait for that to happen!

And this wasn't the only farm visit we have had in the recent days, but it feels amazing to share how people and eco-activists from not only across the nation but around the Globe have been visiting us and rapidly joining hands in helping us inch a'lil closer to our vision: Reaching at every Indian house with a better and complete organic replacement— till then, we hope you'll stay by our side too!.

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