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Tulsi Honey | 100% Pure & Organic Honey | Unprocessed

Tulsi Honey | 100% Pure & Organic Honey | Unprocessed

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Matratva Tulsi Honey is collected from the nectar of Tulsi Plants. Matratva’s 100% Pure, Raw & Unfiltered tulsi Honey is unadulterated. We do not dilute or add anything to our honey.

Our naturally ripened Tulsi Honey retains all the medicinal and therapeutic benefits associated with Tulsi such as boosting metabolism & Immunity, reducing inflammation, Help with cold and cough and cleaning of the respiratory tract.

It is dark in colour with a caramel like taste.

Use Matratva Tulsi Honey as a natural sweetener, drizzle it on breakfast cereals, on smoothies, on yogurt, and for salad dressings.

This honey comes in a 500 gm/1 kg Glass Jar which can keep the content fresh for a very long time. Due to cold weather in some regions natural honey will crystallize which is actually a normal process (this happens because of the glucose & fructose present in the honey), just place the jar in warm water or under the sun and make it liquid again.

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