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Cold Pressed Coconut Oil | Wooden Pressed

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil | Wooden Pressed

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Wood Pressed Method: We extract pure coconut oil by pressing coconuts in our
in-house Wooden Oil Press Machines. This method ensures that the oil which is
extracted is truly natural, unprocessed, authentic, chemical-free and healthy
coconut oil. This method retains all the nutrients and minerals present in coconut.

Benefits of cooking in Coconut oil: Cold pressed coconut is rich in flavour and
anti-oxidants. Coconut oil is known to increase fat burning. Owing to this quality,
coconut oil is famous among people who follow keto or paleo diet. Coconut oil
when added to regular diet improves good cholesterol, stabilizes sugar levels and
may boost immunity. It can also be used for body massage and hair oiling.

Healthier Alternative: Our Wooden Pressed Coconut oil can act as a better substitute for refined coconut oil as no chemicals and preservatives are used.
Wrong cooking oil can turn a healthy meal into a greasy mess.

Flavour Enhancer: Its pleasant taste and fragrance will give a rich flavour to your
food when you use it while cooking. It delivers great results in the kitchen for chefs of all abilities. It can be used in baking recipes, for frying, for greasing baking pans and as a replacement for butter or vegetable oil in recipes.

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  • Is it safe to eat crystalized honey?

    Honey has long Shelf life but it should not be stored in refrigerator.

    It granulates in lower temperatures, it is a natural process and does not change the taste and quality.

    To liquidify honey place the jar in warm water.

  • Sustainable Packaging

    The first step to saving the planet is to start recycling and using sustainable material

    We use foid grade glass jar to keep the real taste intact.

    It limits the use of resources significantly. It positively impacts and supports our business goals.

  • No Bees, No Life

    Bees directly or indirectly impacts everything around us, it will adversely affect the global economy if there are no bees.

    We would definitely loose many of the foods that make our diets vibrant, healthy and nutritious.

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