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Matratva Organic

Bajra LaddooI A2 Ghee Laddoo

Bajra LaddooI A2 Ghee Laddoo

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Matratva Bajra Laddoois a nutritious Indian sweet made from pearl millet (bajra) flour, jaggery, and matratva A2 ghee. It's known for its energy-boosting properties and is especially popular in North India. 

— Matratva Bajra Laddooare your go to treat for winters 😉

👉🏻Made with Organic certified bajra flour, A2 ghee, desi khand .


💪🏻Boosts stamina and health,
💪🏻Treats low vitamin D level,
💪🏻Lubricate the joints and keeps the body warm during the winters.

Nutrient-Rich: Bajra is a good source of protein, fiber, and minerals.
Energy: Bajra Laddoo offers sustained energy due to its complex carbohydrates.
Bone Health: It provides essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus for strong bones.


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