How to store organic grains, wheat, pulses, spices, etc.?

Storing your grains- Organic or the Regular ones can be challenging if you don’t take the right way!

Tired of unnecessary wastage due to the wrong storage?

Well! If yes! Here’s exactly the right thing you must have been looking for!

Organic grains have a handsome amount of nutrients filled within which gives them the current global popularity. However, performing a wrong step in storing the same can turn the tables. Right from decreased nutrients count to the wastage factor, it may add to all. So, its always a mandate to store them right!

The biggest enemies of ruining your staples, especially pulses, wheat, etc. is the external factors like-heat, air and moisture. This is why, you need to ensure that your storing area is free from these.

Before storing the grains, make sure to dry your grains to the right moisture levels before transferring to the store bins.
Next, your grains need to be stored in containers that are airtight or have  a well-fitting lid or closure. Another storage element is the type of container. Whenever storing grains, make sure to use- Glass, plastic, or aluminium canisters. Specially curated grain bins can also be used. Zip-top plastic bags can also do the job only if they are airtight.
Storage sites should always have a controlled temperature and shade. Specially during the summer, high temperature can make the grains become stale. So, better take care!
Insect infestations are the next biggest enemy of ruining your grains and eating them up before you could eat or sell them. Make sure you have made arrangements for the same.

Even though you have taken all the measures to keep your grains safe, make sure to have a periodic check on the same after regular intervals. In order to use your organic grains, effectively, right storage is a mandatory factor. Make sure you are doing it the right way!


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