Ghee is one of the most health benefitting and taste-amplifying secret ingredient of every Indian kitchen. No matter what is getting prepared in the kitchen, the aroma of ghee automatically fills in. It’s really hard to forget those days when the aroma of ghee making used to fill up my senses back home. No matter who was preparing this magical ingredient- my mother, my granny or even a neighbourhood aunty, I remember running to the place immediately to get some leftover butter to taste.

I can even get the same taste on my tongue right now! Can you!

Well! Ghee is said to be a versatile ingredient that goes with most of the dishes from Indian kitchen. Right from dal to the aromatic biryani, none of these can be complete without few drops of ghee. Being the purified form of butter, Ghee is considered to be healthier as it not just adds aroma and flavour into our food but, offers a range of benefits, too. However, the traditional process of Ghee making using the Bilona method is considered the best as it keeps the nutritional value of ghee, intact. Pure ghee or A2 Ghee is 100% natural, helps in reducing exposure to cancer causing agents as it contains the cancer-fighting CLA. Ghee also helps in moisturising skin and hair, treating burns and swelling with its anti-inflammatory properties, contains monosaturated Omega-3s, is good for heart health and is a power house of Vitamins A, D, E and K. People with dairy-allergies can also opt for Ghee.  

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