Amla is one of those superfoods that even through has a pretty unusual raw taste but, works magical when it comes to an all-round development of our health. Do you know why Amla was so popular in our mother’s and grandmother’s kitchens? Amla has always been a versatile ingredient in all its forms- dry or moisture containing. Remember your mother using soaked Amla powder for hair and even having a spoon full of Amla for good health or the Amla juice to start their mornings!

I more precisely remember stealing the Amla Murraba from my mother’s pickle pots.

Amla holds a pot full of goodness not just in taste but, in terms of health benefits, too. Amla is a perfect immunity builder, prevents constipation, chest congestion, fight infections, aids weight management, is a natural blood purifier, manages chronic conditions, improves eye-sight,  helps in treating all kinds of pain and not to forget is very good for skin and hair health.

If you wish to hold the goodness of Amla in an even tastier manner, switching to the Ayurvedic jam called Chawanprash” can be a good option. Prepared with the richness of Amla and other essential Ayurvedic ingredients, this is not just a way to include Amla in yourfood chart but, the best way to improve and work on your overall body health.

Book you order today to enjoy an immunity-boosting and health improving journey today with our 100% naturally prepared Ayurvedic Jam or Chawanprash on the traditional woodfire (Chulha), today and feel the magic of staying healthy.

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