Bajra - The Amazingly Nutritious Crop

Bajra - The Amazingly Nutritious Crop

Keen at finding out what super food is this one! Well its worth finding out!

“Bajra”- These crops are the amazingly nutritious Bajra crop, standing tall in our farms. Grown in its own natural ways, without any chemical interventions, this crop is a 100% organic supply for your daily nutrition needs. Fighting the most complex climatic situations, Bajra keeps it head high even in low fertility soil and high temperature conditions of Rajasthan. In fact, Rajasthan bags the highest place in growing the Bajra crop. This is how it comes out to be a SUPERFOOD!

Heart health is one  of the biggest concerns we have in our current lifestyle! Good news is that, Bajra is considered as a magical cereal that works wonders on heart health. Rich in magnesium, Bajra is very good for heart health, controlling the body glucose receptions which helps in reduced chances of diabetes and potassium for better blood dilation and easy flow through the blood vessels. Containing modest amount of Iron and Phosphorous, the cereal fuels cognitive thinking and memory building.

Bajra contains a lot of insoluble fibre, beneficial for reducing the LDL or bad cholesterol levels. It also contains- phytic acid, tannins and phenols (antioxidants) that works wonders in keeping a check on aging and a league of other metabolic diseases like- heart stroke, tumours and cancer. Gluten-free Bajra keeps a check on constipation, is a power-packed food for weight loss, thyroid and due to its alkaline nature, it helps in maintaining Uric acid levels, too.

Packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, 30 gm of Bajra can be included in your daily meals. You can add Bajra to your meal in various forms like- Bajra Khichdi, Bajre ki Roti, Bajra Porridge, Salad, etc. You can also add a scoop of it to you Idli/Dosa or Uttapam batter for reaping its nutrition benefits.

Our 100% organic Bajra crop is ready to harvest and will reach your plate soon!

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