You won't believe what happened when Matratva Farm visited the Royals of GHA

We were invited— representing the lost Rajasthani traditions.

Our team got elected to spill the secrets of tribal craftsmanship and the agro work aspects in our business that not only benefits the consumers to a large extent but also aids the unattended population of the society. Hundreds of Gir breeds are taken care of by our dedicated team who make sure that no harm or cruelty is being practiced while the extraction of milk. The bees are nurtured in the best possible environment and everything that we do is always in accordance with nature.

Yes, we discussed all of these in details and also explained how we are giv6our 100% in reviving the lost Rajasthani handicrafts and how they too, can revive the tribes and forest association around their palace.

Their feedback?

The Women loved to spend time absorbing the organic charms and were so impressed by the way we taught rural women about organic farming that they enquired every bit of the process of how they can make use of their produce to sell them in the market or even make them into traditional recipes.

They were also impressed by our communal approach to farming and the way we teach everyone how to cultivate the land in an efficient manner. We therefore had a word with some of the delegates in charge on how we can create more employment just by teaching rural people on how to grow organic crops because they are always willing to learn new skills and earn income for their families.

The best part?

They were so impressed by our innovative approach and traditional recipe, that they’re considering to start a new program to teach rural women how to make ghee—a delicious buttery spread made from cow's milk. They also said they want to create more employment by coming into our association and teaching the rural population of the Heritage royal palace organic farming and encash their produce. They were very fascinated with the wild forest honey that we produce from our apiaries and also expressed interest in learning more about the organic benefits of cow dung and other raw materials.


As one of them said: "I want to create more employment by coming into your association and teach the rural population of the Heritage royal palace more of the organic farming facilities"

We felt equally keen in sharing our traditional recipes that use ghee as a key ingredient and we are sure that this collaboration shall bring a boom in the rural employment and add benefits to the health and nutrition sector of the country!

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